Saxtons River Distillery


Located in Brattleboro, Vermont, Saxtons River Distillery is owned and operated by Connecticut native Christian Stromberg. Christian’s family came to New England from Lithuania in 1906 and has passed down a tradition of distilling through the generations. While living in Vermont, Christian discovered the care and effort that goes into maple syrup production. It reminded him of distilling and inspired his unique line of Vermont maple spirits, Sapling. Unlike many “maple liqueurs” on the market which use artificial maple flavoring, Sapling contains the real thing.

Sapling Maple Bourbon

Three-year-old bourbon is blended with maple syrup and aged a second time in American oak barrels. The result is rich and smooth, with a light maple finish, but without any overpowering sweetness. Beautiful when served over ice, straight up, in hot coffee, or used instead of plain bourbon in an Old Fashioned cocktail. Find cocktail recipes here.

Sapling Maple Rye

Sapling Maple Rye is hand-made in small batches from aged rye whiskey, blended with maple syrup and oak aged a second time. It is rich and full bodied, with a light maple finish. Serve over ice, straight up, in hot coffee or simply add some bitters, chill, and pour into a glass garnished with a maraschino cherry for a “Maple Manhattan.” More cocktail suggestions here.

Sapling Maple Liqueur

This liqueur derives its unique taste from select, locally-harvested Vermont Grade A maple syrup and a slow maturation in American oak barrels. Like the Vermont landscape itself, the liqueur is bold, but always smooth, and never too sweet. Add Sapling to your java for a “Vermont Coffee” or mix with light cream and vodka for a “White Maple.”

Perc Coffee Liqueur

The refined flavor of Perc is derived from the small batch roasting of organic arabica coffee beans imported from Central America. The coffee is balanced with natural cane sugar, yielding a wonderfully rich liqueur that isn’t overly sweet. Perc can bring a new life to any coffee cocktail, but is complex enough to be enjoyed on its own.

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